महारानी पदमावती का वंशज है ये राजघराना !!!

The descendants of Padmavati will be surprised to know this royal house, property.
Vishwaraj Singh, a descendant of Meerbar of Prewar and Rani Padmini of Mewar, on Saturday said that history has been broken and presented in Padmavati, a film made on Rani Padmini, which is not approved by him. Tell me Kunwar Vishwaraj Singh is the son of 76th ruler of the Mewar dynasty and 34th Maharana of Udaipur, Mahendra Singh Mewar, who is also a politician. Vishvaraj Singh's sister Kanodhani is Trichrikama Kumari Jamwal.
The first ruler of Mewar was Guhadatta and the last ruler was Bhopal Singh Bahadur (1930-1948). The property of this dynasty is estimated to be around 450 crore.
After the demise of late Bhagat Singh of late Udaipur, his elder son Maharana Mahendra Singh is the head of the Mewar family. However, his younger brother Arvind Singh Mewar claims that he is the head of the family.
In 1984, Maharana Bhagwat Singh, through his entire property trust, gave the younger son to Arvind. The eldest son Mahendra Singh had demanded the share of this property, but he was kept separate from them.
After Father Bhagvat Singh, Arvind Singh, the patron of the Mewar family, was married to Princess Vijayraj of Kutch. They have one son, Targetraj Singh and daughter Padmaja. They are often seen in big events in the country.
This royal house has the hotel business in the name of HRH Group of hotels in Rajasthan. The group's managing director is Arvind Singh himself.
Among them, Lake Pichola in Udaipur is a very beautiful hotel in the name of Jaj Temple Island.
Right now, whenever Vishwajej Singh arrives among the common people, a crowd of people comes together to meet him. People see him as the next heir of the Mewar Raj family. They often appear in the monarchy dress of Achaqan, with the sword in their hands and with the Mewari pagadi among the people.

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